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RFID Warehouse Management Application

This program uses RFID (electronic tag, radio frequency identification) technology, combined with ERP visualization database software, so that warehouse management activities such as warehousing, transfer, inventory, and outbound can be fully visualized. The system is divided into central ERP barcode data management, and the handset client management is divided into two parts. The main function of the bar code warehouse management system is to accurately manage the goods, accurately locate the storage position of the goods, speed up the transit speed of the goods, and eliminate the loss of goods or property losses caused by human factors.
1. Barcode/RFID electronic tag:
In manufacturing, bar code/electronic tags are used primarily in asset, and personnel identification and monitoring. The markers mainly include tools, equipment, property inventories, and so on. Labels can be designed in a variety of styles, such as card, strip, wristband, etc., according to customer needs.
2, barcode management software
Software sub-database center management software, handheld management software. Module functions include: storage management, transfer management, inventory management, cargo search and outbound management.
3, data collector
Adopting Shenzhen to become the industrial-grade mobile data collector C5000W model, the optional function has barcode/RFID acquisition, and the wireless communication uses WIFI function. It is mainly used to collect barcode/RFID data, and the collected data is transmitted to the database center through the WIFI wireless base station.
4, wireless LAN
WIFI wireless LAN, mainly as a connection bridge between data collector and central management software. It is wireless and convenient for on-site use.
Third, the flow chart
Fourth, handheld mobile terminal management functions
1. Inbound management
2. Outbound management:
3. Transfer library management:
4. Inventory count:
5. Goods search:
Sixth, the wireless environment in the warehouse to build
High-power outdoor wifi wireless base station with a transmission power of 1000mw. It has the characteristics of long transmission distance, automatic frequency selection, automatic adjustment of optimal transmission speed, etc. It can be quickly and effectively deployed, and adopts the highest standards of international data encryption to ensure the security and privacy of data.
Seven, program benefits
1. Precise positioning of goods: reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency.
2, standard process operation: to prevent human error in delivery, resulting in property damage, improve business management.
3. Accurate statistics: Instantly understand the quantity of goods, timely delivery and increase the speed of logistics transportation.

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