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versatile diesel forklift truck


Our diesel forklifts offer the perfect solution to even the toughest of jobs.
Diesel forklift trucks are one of the toughest workhorses in the materials handling world, being suited to a wide range of unit loads and designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor work. Powered by a fuel that is both easy to get hold of and straightforward to use, engine forklifts perform extremely well in harsh environments, including those that are wet or dirty.

Diesel forklift typical applications include:

1. Low speed, high torque, good fuel economy;
2. MONOTROLTM single pedal controls forward, backward and acceleration, and improves work efficiency by about 30%;
3. The frame is designed with finite element and has good durability and load balance;
The cab is mounted on four rubber shock absorbers to isolate noise and cushion vibrations;
4. There are only 4 lubrication points on the gantry and 8 lubrication points on the steering bridge. All service points are easily accessible.

diesel forklift trucks:

Our diesel forklift trucks come in a comprehensive range of sizes and lift capacities. Having exceptional endurance and power, they effortlessly handle even the most difficult and heavy loads and can carry everything from a small pallet of bulk materials to individual components weighing several tonnes. Additionally, our engine forklift range is further boosted by a wide array of options that also enable you to fine tune each forklift truck to match your exact work requirements.


The compact, smooth lines of each of our diesel forklift models guarantee that they are easy to manoeuvre even in confined spaces whilst ensuring good visibility.
A built-in warning system and easy maintenance procedures help to keep your diesel forklifts in service and your costs to a minimum.
The diesel range, for example, offers maximum lift capacities from 1.5 tonnes (DP15N) up to a hefty 16.0 tonnes (FD160N). Maximum lift heights are typically between 3m and 7m, depending on the kind of mast fitted, but whilst this can be useful in applications where lift trucks truly need to work at height – for example in outdoor racking – the emphasis in most applications will be on horizontal, rather than vertical movement.

Our diesel forklift models are equipped with powerful industrial strength and are dependable and easy to service, with low emissions and fuel consumption, making them the ideal choice for your application. View our entire range of diesel forklifts below.

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