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Exhaust truck exhaust emissions are not normal, the reason is here!

Forklifts are a very important tool in today's society. Forklifts are also widely used in the field of loading and unloading machinery. The use of forklifts has facilitated the development of pallet transport and container handling, bringing a revolution in handling. But I don't know if you know why the forklift exhaust is not normal. Many companies also pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the forklift while using the forklift to extend the service life and improve work efficiency. Let's take a look at it together.
1. Exhaust black smoke:
If the diesel engine load exceeds the specified load, the oil supply amount of each cylinder is not uniform within the specified range. The fuel injection pump is adjusted, the valve clearance is incorrect, the valve seal is poor, the valve leaks, the combustion deteriorates, the valve clearance is adjusted, and the sealing cone is checked. And eliminate the defect, the fuel injection advance angle is too small, the fuel injection is too late, so that some fuel is burned in the exhaust pipe to adjust the fuel injection, the turbocharger elastic gas seal ring is burnt or worn, the turbine joint surface leaks, etc. Replace the gas seal ring; tighten the joint surface screws.
2, exhaust cap white smoke
Injector oil injection is poorly atomized, there is dripping phenomenon, the injection pressure is too low. Check the nozzle nozzle for grinding or replacement. Reset the injection pressure to the specified range. When the diesel engine is just started, the individual cylinders do not burn (especially in winter). Increase the speed and load appropriately and run for a while.
3, exhaust blue smoke:
The air filter is clogged, the air intake is not smooth, or the oil in the oil pan is too much (oil bath type air filter). The air filter is removed and cleaned to reduce the oil to the specified plane. The piston ring is stuck or worn excessively. Insufficient, the piston ring is reversed in the direction of installation, so that the oil enters the combustion chamber to disassemble the piston ring, if necessary, replace it, long-term low load (less than 40% of the rated power), the gap between the piston and the cylinder sleeve is large, so that The oil is easy to enter the combustion chamber to increase the load properly; the power should be appropriate when matching, and the oil in the oil pan should be added to the engine oil to fill the oil.
4. There is moisture condensation in the exhaust:
Cylinder head cracks, allowing coolant to enter the cylinder to replace the cylinder head.

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