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Tire barcode and RFID traceability solutions

The tire manufacturing process is extremely complex and requires high quality and safety. All large tire manufacturers and tire equipment manufacturers see SICK as a reliable partner to provide reliable solutions for these complex tasks.
Efficient and highly flexible production is critical to meeting market demands for quality and price. The challenge for the industry is how to make production equipment safe and improve production quality under severe environmental conditions, as well as traceability of products throughout the production cycle. In this regard, SICK uses a variety of sensors and systems, as well as a wealth of expertise to create the perfect solution.
Barcode identification traceability in tire molding, vulcanization and quality management
In order to be able to reliably identify raw and finished tires on different conveyors without being affected by size, position, bar code angle, SICK invented the Tire Lector Array. The modular system consists of a high resolution, image-based code reader Lector65x. Multiple readers are combined together into a flexible system that is perfectly suited to the width of the conveyor. Dynamic focus and dynamic brightness adjustment for clear and consistent images at different object heights, especially when producing truck tires, and minimizing the number of cameras required.
Larger coverage width
The Tire Lector Array imagery tire reading system consists of Lector65x series of high-performance code readers with a resolution of 2048px×1088px (Lector652) and 2048px×2048px (Lector654), which can be larger for barcodes of the same resolution. The field of view allows for a larger read width to be covered with fewer readers.
For example: for a barcode with a resolution of 0.3mm (bar code length 40mm, barcode height 7mm), when the depth of field requirement is 250mm, it can cover a reading width of about 900mm with only 3 cameras.
Excellent decoding performance
Based on the Lector65x series of image readers up to 4 megapixels, the superior decoding performance enables high-quality reading of both large-angle barcodes on raw tires and finished tire barcodes after vulcanization. rate.
Reading rate analysis and image traceability
The high value-added Tire Analytics software performs real-time statistics and analysis of the reading rate and monitors system health. At the same time, the reason for the read failure can be analyzed and traced back by accessing the picture record taken by the camera.

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