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Linde won the "China Industrial Vehicle Innovation Award" Gold Award

Linde won the China Industrial Vehicle Innovation Award Gold Award

On September 5th, the second China Industrial Vehicle Innovation Award CITIA (Complete Vehicles) Review Meeting, organized by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association Industrial Vehicles Branch, was held at Beijing Crane Transportation Machinery Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. After the judges professional, systematic and rigorous review, Linde (China) Forklift Co., Ltd. won two awards, namely Linde Robotics K-Matic, Linde Robotics K-Matic, Linde 333, which won the gold medal and Linde LAB. The forklift (automatically modified basic version) won the bronze medal.

Linde has transformed from a supplier of forklift products to a service-oriented solution provider. From the development of leasing business to the application of intelligent systems, AGV robots and overall system integration solutions, Linde is actively in the forefront of the market. Let China's logistics equipment application shift to a more high-quality, more professional direction.

Linde handling robots - making production more comfortable!

Intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics are not only the automation of equipment, such as AGV for unmanned vehicles and industrial applications, but more importantly, how to achieve lean intelligence in process, operation and management.

Linde's mission is to achieve transcendence of efficient operations, how to maximize the efficiency of logistics operations in response to user needs is the core of Linde's solution. The Linde Robotics robot was born in this concept. It is equipped with a PL-D laser safety sensor, dual mode operation mode, forward speed of 2m / s, reverse speed of 0.8m / s. The all-round display of the accuracy of natural navigation real-time positioning and steering path intelligent detection, seamless integration of system intelligent transfer and customer instructions, the flexibility of pallet self-identification, and three-dimensional security protection technology to give three-dimensional shield guard. Linde Robotics, the Linde handling robot, solves a range of situations that may be encountered during the logistics process and peaks in safety and operational efficiency.

Linde LAB forklift - making forklift automation easier!

From mechanization to automation, things are often very busy. The basic forklifts that transform traditional forklift manufacturers are required to be completed in a very limited time. Specific details of forklift motion control are required, and the work of different models cannot be repeated. What's worse, different batches of forklifts may require additional modifications. Linde LAB makes it easy to control the forklift with an automation control kit. It is the bridge between the automation control suite and the traditional base forklift. It receives the digital commands sent by the automation control kit in real time and converts them into forklift internal control signals to perform forklift motion control. At the same time, it automatically collects relevant status and information inside the forklift and feeds it back to the automation control suite for higher-level decision making.

Simplicity and safety are the highest mission of LAB. At the same time, it undertakes the external hardware and software firewall of the basic forklift, and fully guarantees the safe operation of the basic forklift.

The China Industrial Vehicle Innovation Award aims to promote the technological advancement and service upgrade of China's industrial vehicles, realize the transformation and upgrading of the innovation-driven industry, and become the most influential award in the industrial vehicle industry by virtue of high-standard and high-standard resources. Linde Material Handling's "customer-oriented" concept is deeply rooted in the R&D team, breaking through the traditional concept of automation, focusing on intelligent development, and adhering to comprehensive logistics solutions. The awards will be held at 2018 CeMAT Asia. The award-winning products will also be exhibited in specific regions. We look forward to Linde's wonderful presentation, and also look forward to Linde's research and development of new products and technologies to promote the development of the logistics industry.

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