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The superiority of high quality 4WD all-terrain forklift

The superiority of high quality 4WD all-terrain forklift

In general, the superior performance of high-quality four-wheel drive off-road forklifts is often reflected in high, low cost, high reliability, ergonomic design and convenient service. Efficiency does not only mean high speed (driving, lifting, descent speed), it also means that the operator takes a short time to complete a work cycle and can maintain this efficiency throughout the working time. 1. Beautiful appearance, compact structure, small turning radius, light and flexible operation, full hydraulic power steering in a small space, adjustable angle and front and rear position of the steering wheel and seat to meet the individual requirements of the driver. According to the requirements of ergonomics, the design of the manipulator is optimized to reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity. 3. Wide-view gantry, the driver has a wide viewing angle, so the forklift is very suitable for outdoor and outdoor. Cargo handling, stacking and short-distance transportation operations. 4. The car body tire pattern is complex, so the forklift is very suitable for the field, the operation on the muddy road, to solve the rain and snow, unable to properly carry out outdoor work worry

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