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4.5-6.0Ton Electric Forklift

4.5-6.0Ton Electric Forklift
  • 4.5-6.0Ton Electric Forklift
  • 4.5-6.0Ton Electric Forklift
  • 4.5-6.0Ton Electric Forklift
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Basic Info
Model No FB45 Load Center 500mm
Power Type Diesel Max. Gradeability 20%
Min. Insecting Aisle 2955mm Wheelbase 2000mm
Front Overhang 555mm 4Turning Radius 2755mm
Additional Info
Packaging Nude Packing Productivity 10000 Per YearBrand
Brand Saferlifts Transportation Ocean
Place of Origin China Supply Ability 10000 Per Year
Certificate ISO 9001;ISO 14001 HS Code 84272090
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Product Description
1. The FB50 electric counterbalance forklift is one of the most flexible and efficient electric counterbalanced forklift trucks on the market. This series of forklifts is designed to increase your turnaround efficiency while saving your operating costs. With this series of forklifts, you can achieve energy-efficient, indoor and outdoor material handling, cargo handling, and easy to handle in long distance or short distance conditions.
2. The FB50 series forklifts feature a new AC motor that provides powerful, energy efficient performance and low maintenance, as well as a 500 hour service interval. At the same time, the design and application of the FB50 series forklifts meets the ergonomic solution. Imported Monotrol smart single pedal
3. The global patented smart single pedal effectively increases the working efficiency of the forklift by 30%. The same amount of electricity carries more goods, is more efficient, and is more comfortable and cost-effective.
4. New generation electronic control system
The world's leading brand, more reasonable structure, better heat dissipation, better waterproof and dustproof. The control is more precise, the wiring is less, the parameter setting is more convenient, and the maintenance is more convenient.
5. AC motor has high efficiency, maintenance-free, long life and good heat dissipation compared with DC motor.
Significant advantages such as power saving. Reduce energy consumption, work longer hours with the same power, and be more efficient and cost-effective.
6. The Vehicle Management System (VSM) is imported from the mainstream control system (MOSFET).

Application Area:
Electric forklifts are forklifts that operate on electricity, most of which work for batteries. The battery is one of the batteries, its function is to store limited electric energy and use it in a suitable place.
They are especially suitable for the loading, unloading, handling and stacking of goods such as stations, ports, freight yards, warehouses and food, textile industry and general factories and mines. If you configure a variety of attachments, you can use it more widely.
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