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Do you know the daily maintenance of electric forklift batteries?

Do you know the daily maintenance of electric forklift batteries?
Daily protection of electric forklift battery
1. The battery should always be filled with distilled water (pure water).
2. If the electric forklift is not used for a long time, the battery should be fully charged. And insist on charging at a frequency of about 1~2 months.
3. In continuous operation, the motor-driven warehouse forklift requires a backup battery (in the case of continuous operation, the battery power consumption is fast, and the battery loss is also relatively large).
4. When charging the battery, the charging circuit must be completely disconnected from the chopper, because in addition to affecting the charging of the charger, the overvoltage generated by the charger will also harm the chopper.
5. Do not place the battery horizontally. Because the inside of the battery is generally 22 to 28% dilute sulfuric acid. When the battery is placed, the electrolyte can flood the plate and leave a little space. If the battery is placed horizontally, some of the electrode plates will be exposed to the air. This is very unlucky for the battery plate, and the general battery investigation hole may be The top of the battery has an exhaust port that communicates with the outside world, so the electrolyte is easy to flow out across the battery.
6. Select a smart staged charger to prevent overcharging and loss of water.
7. Select a highly efficient electric hub system to reduce operating current.
8, hard charging or adhere to a reasonable charging frequency, it is best to have a plan to charge. Such as one day or two days.
9, to prevent loss of electricity storage, loss of electricity storage is the most harmful to the battery.

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