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5.0-7.0 Ton LPG & Gasoline Forklift

5.0-7.0 Ton LPG & Gasoline Forklift
  • 5.0-7.0 Ton LPG & Gasoline Forklift
  • 5.0-7.0 Ton LPG & Gasoline Forklift
  • 5.0-7.0 Ton LPG & Gasoline Forklift
  • 5.0-7.0 Ton LPG & Gasoline Forklift
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Basic Info
Model No FG50L Load Center 600mm
Power Type Diesel Max. Gradeability 20%
Min. Insecting Aisle 2960mm Wheelbase 2250mm
Front Overhang 590mm 4Turning Radius 3250mm

Additional Info
Packaging Nude Packing Productivity 10000 Per YearBrand
Brand Saferlifts Transportation Ocean
Place of Origin China Supply Ability 10000 Per Year
Certificate ISO 9001;ISO 14001 HS Code 84272090

Product Description
1.Saferlifts body protection: the top frame and the body are integrated into one force to improve stability and safety. The tilting cylinders installed in the high position can use the gantry steel with a more compact cross section to improve the front view of the gantry.
high performance

2. Advanced engine and drive technology combined with Linde's original load control system allows the operator to fully utilize the potential of the forklift for optimum efficiency. The comfortable, precise Linde fingertip control handle makes it easy to master all the movements of the gantry.

3. The spacious and comfortable cab gives the operator a car-class comfort. The vehicle design reflects the perfect application of ergonomics. Large cab, adjustable armrests, suspended seats and easy-to-control controls: easy and easy to operate.

4. Suitable for continuous operation with long time and high load. The suspension cab and springs mounted on the transaxle absorb shock from the ground. Maintenance-free drive axles and high tilt cylinders reduce downtime and operating costs.
Easy to maintain
5. This forklift has high efficiency and low operating cost: Linde's pioneering static pressure transmission eliminates the need for clutches, gearboxes, differentials and drum mechanical brakes. This makes the maintenance cost of the forklift greatly reduced, the parking time is shortened, and the work efficiency is thus improved.

Application Area:
4.Distribution Center

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