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Electric Pallet Truck-Saferlifts

 When we are choosing something, it is not that we are suitable for ourselves. Especially when purchasing electric forklifts, we have to comprehensively consider the various performances of electric forklifts, and then combine their own needs to purchase a real electric forklift that is suitable for their needs. Do you really choose the right electric forklift?

This question determines the rated load when you purchase an electric forklift.
From a professional point of view, if your average cargo weight is 1.5 tons, we do not recommend that you buy an electric forklift with a rated load of 1.5 tons. Because as an electrical appliance, although our motor has overload protection, the motor works at rated power for a long time, which definitely has a certain impact on its motor life. Electric forklift trucks do not exceed 80% to 90% of the load cargo. This is the most ideal condition.
Is your electric forklift used in the shelf area or in the production hall? Is there a shelf in the warehouse? What is the passage in the production workshop? This question determines how much the vehicle should be when you buy a car. If used in the shelf area, what is the channel and the highest measured height of the shelf, when the fork rises to the highest, there are many kinds of goods? Are there any attic, elevator and other similar restricted passages during the operation? Does the working road have a certain slope?
These factors relate to the static height of your forklift when you purchase an electric forklift, the lifting height, and the choice of electric forklift.

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