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Nissan K25 EFI engine start failure check

 When the IMPCO Nissan K25 EFI engine starts up, it may encounter symptoms that cannot be activated. At this time, we should carefully check the most likely fault points of the engine as follows:

1. First check if the LPG cylinder has been opened, and keep the direction of the cylinder in the direction of the arrow.
2. Check the circuit part to ensure that the solenoid valve is opened when the forklift 2 power supply is energized. When the solenoid valve is energized, it can obviously hear the “click”.
3. Check if there is gas source at the fuel injection rail. The nozzle at the spray rail can be pulled out. When the power is turned on, there should be gas sprayed out, which has obvious odor.
However, be careful to ensure that the seal is tight and that there is no leakage.
4. Check if the electronic throttle has an initial opening. The hood cap can be removed, and the electronic pedal is stepped on at the same time to see if the throttle disc moves with the pedal.
5. Check the speed crankshaft sensor and check the wiring as defined in the figure to ensure that the engine ECU has taken the correct speed signal.
6. Connect the computer, use the IMPCO engine commissioning software to observe the startup failure, and record the startup data.

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