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2.0-2.5Ton Diesel Forklift

2.0-2.5Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 2.0-2.5Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 2.0-2.5Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 2.0-2.5Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 2.0-2.5Ton Diesel Forklift
  • 2.0-2.5Ton Diesel Forklift
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Basic Info
Model No FD20 Turning Radius 2310mm
Power Type Diesel Min. Insecting Aisle 2380mm
Load Center 500mm Max. Gradeability 20%
Front Overhang 470mm Wheelbase 1600mm

Additional Info
Packaging: Nude Packing Productivity 10000Per YearBrand
Transportation Ocean Place of Origin China
Ability 10000 Per Year Certificate ISO 9001;ISO 14001
HS Code: 84272090

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Product Description
The combination of self-made soft-connected gearbox makes the transmission smooth and cooperates with the V-type support of the engine to greatly reduce the vibration of the whole vehicle and improve the operation comfort. The transmission has two power output ports (PTO) to provide power output interface for other functions of the whole vehicle. The gearbox can be disassembled separately, greatly improving maintenance efficiency.

The fork mechanism is arranged. When the upper surface of the fork is separated from the ground by a certain distance, the speed limit valve is opened to start working, the speed of the drop is effectively controlled, the cargo drop is more stable, and the safety of the gantry operation is improved;

Fully hydraulic power steering mechanism for flexible steering;

The sunken gantry structure improves the stability of the gantry and reduces the tension and pressure of the tilting cylinder, thereby reducing the failure rate of the hydraulic system;

The steering tubing and the instrument harness are arranged separately, the steering tubing and the instrument harness are arranged separately, the arrangement is clear, the maintenance is convenient, and the safety of the electrical system is improved;

The ratchet type parking brake device is practical, reliable and comfortable, and the braking handle force on the ramp and the ground is controllable;

Assemble the neutral safety device to improve the safety of operation;

High-mounted rear-end combination lamp, high-level signal light, high visibility, longer working life of LED indicator light, reliable work, easier to read during daytime operation;

The use of a stronger gantry structure increases the rigidity of the gantry and further enhances the durability of the gantry;

The use of oil-filled lifting cylinders helps to improve durability;

The cast steering axle is used to improve the waterproof and dustproof capacity of the knuckle and other components, increase the life and reliability of the rotating joints, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost;

Saferlifts series 2-3.5 tons diesel/gasoline/liquefied gas counterbalanced forklifts are hoisting and transporting machinery, widely used in factories, warehouses, stations, terminals, ports, etc. for loading and unloading and handling of packaged goods. After the other work attachments, it can also be used for loading and unloading of bulk cargo and other non-packaged bulk cargo.

The tilting cylinder is placed under the bottom plate, the foot space of the bottom plate is increased by 45%, and the more comfortable bottom plate angle improves the operation comfort and reduces the leg fatigue during operation;

The new steering wheel adjustment mechanism is adopted, and the double-threaded thread is bilaterally locked, and the locking is more reliable;

The multi-functional suspension seat increases support for the driver, reduces vibration and further enhances driving comfort;

The small-diameter steering wheel and the sedan double-handle electro-hydraulic reversing device greatly improve driving comfort.

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